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As part of the accessibility actions, which MINTUR is promoting, following OMT guidelines, for this year 2016, was held on Tuesday 30/11 at Francis Carrasco, the 1st Gourmet Dinner for Celiacs.

The event was sponsored by MINTUR, AHRU, ACELU, SGU (Uruguayan Gastroenterology Society), Montevideo Bureau, LGBT Chamber of Commerce of Uruguay and Alfa FM.
According to statistics, 1% of the population suffers from Celiac disease.

This population is not properly served, in the gastronomic services that are provided, for the local population, as well as for the visitors.
This has been a 1st. Step to put the issue on the agenda of the sector.
New actions will continue, which will tend to meet the demands of this sector.

With excellent attendance, the dinner was developed, where the participants enjoyed a Menu of 6 steps, and they manifested their satisfaction to have participated.

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